An overview of 

2 decades of photography​

Since my student days I have been making pictures of the world and the people around me. I have done so using analogue cameras, digital ones, both basic and a little more fancy or simply the camera in my phone.

I believe it is the job of a photographer to capture the truth of the world and the soul of the subject by pressing the shutter just when that shows itself. And if you can do so in an artistically pleasing way, well then you're there.

Please  have a look at my galleries below

Commissioned Stop Motion movies:

Flame Girl - Blake Day

Stop Motion video made by me, with one of my paintings as a backdrop. Song by Berlin based artist Blake Day.

Female Filmmakers Festival Berlin Trailer 2019

I made this little Stop Motion video to promote the first edition of Berlin's Female Filmmakers Festival. It was also shown in the cinema at the start of every program.

Black Violet - Novi

The Fool's Journey from the Rider-Waite tarot becomes the story of every artist who has to suffer and grow in order to blossom into a successful, confident, wise person in the World.

Written & Performed by Novi

Publications and Paintings

The first few pictures here are of published work. 

Lately my focus has been shifting from photography to painting. I have uploaded pictures of the paintings here. At the very bottom you will find some pictures of the exhibition I had during the month of March 2019.